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Discover the Subliminal Videos That Will CHANGE Your Life!

Watch These SECRET Subliminal Videos JUST ONCE –
And See the POWERFUL Difference They Make To YOUR
Life Over the Next 90 DAYS – 100% GUARANTEED.

Dear Friend

Can you imagine if changing your life...

... Were as simple as watching a video?

Gain awesome self-confidence. Rocket your wealth. Turbo-charge your health. Achieve your perfect weight. Boost your intelligence.

Can you imagine if all of this could be achieved – just by watching a simple video?

Yes, you’ve seen videos like The Secret.

They’ve definitely made an impact on you.

But what if you could watch a video that literally REPROGRAMMED your mind on the deepest possible level – bringing about awesome change in just days?

Wouldn’t you be interested in THAT kind of powerful, life-changing video?

Well, read on.

And let me introduce you to the world of Subliminal Videos.


“I don't usually write testimonials, but I felt compelled with this. You can just FEEL that it's working, almost instantly. My mind was racing after the first sitting! I could feel it working. I'm happier, more confident, more ALIVE!”

- Trent Steele, software expert

Here's the SECRET HISTORY Behind Subliminal Videos!
Discover How the USA, UK & Australia Tried to BAN Them
- And the VERY LATEST in Scientific Subliminal Research!

You’ve heard about “subliminal messages” before.

Typically, subliminal messages are positive affirmations that are flashed in front of your eyes – for a very brief period of time.

The messages are flashed so quickly, you can’t consciously comprehend the messages.

However the subconscious mind processes the affirmations – and uses the commands to influence your deepest thoughts and desires.

So, a message saying “I feel great” – will naturally make you feel great!

Or a message suggesting “I am losing weight” - will naturally help you lose weight!

Yes, subliminal messages are POWERFUL!

So powerful in fact, that advertisers began using subliminals in their commercials back in the 70s – which lead to the USA, UK and Australia BANNING subliminal messages altogether!

Want proof that subliminals really work? Just click here to read about the most recent 2007 studies.

Scientists also found that subliminals hidden in VIDEOS produced the best results.

Every single time, subliminal VIDEOS (as opposed to subliminal flashcards, for example) were the most effective. The CIA discovered this back in the 1950’s – and it’s been repeatedly proven by modern day experiments.

Now, here's a thought...

What if you combined VIDEO, with fantastic imagery and beautiful music - and MIXED it with the most POWERFUL subliminal messages powerful, to help change ANY area of your life?

The results would be outstanding.

And that’s EXACTLY what we’ve done – here at Subliminal


“My confidence has really improved since starting with these MP3s. I'm amazed at how
things have turned around for me. I just wanted to pass on my thanks, and want you to
know of the good you're doing in the world.”

- James Creekmore, OH 44137, jimm*****

Discover "The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection" -
The Most POWERFUL, Life-Changing Video Clips EVER!
Just Sit Back & Watch - To Change ANY Area of Your Life!

I’m Bradley Thompson – and I’d like to welcome you to this site.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked in the self-development industry, helping to deliver some of the most POWERFUL personal improvement tools to the market.

I helped develop the original Subliminal Power software, now used on over ONE MILLION computers throughout the globe. I wrote the best-selling book “Creating Your Own Subliminal-Studio,” and helped architect the powerful five-part subliminal technique used on thousands of Subliminal CDs.

I'm also co-founder of the world’s largest hypnosis website, and consulted in the creation of the powerful Sleep Programming series.

Yes – I know more about subliminals than almost anyone on the planet today.

And I know PRECISELY how to create the most POWERFUL, most INFLUENTIAL, most SIGNIFICANT subliminal videos on the planet. Videos that can change your life, in just DAYS!

And over the past two years – I’ve been doing JUST THAT.

I’ve created a series of FANTASTIC subliminal videos that combine beautiful, high-resolution imagery with wonderfully orchestrated music... All with a continuous layer of EXTREME subliminal messages, constantly flashing at the FASTEST SPEED POSSIBLE.

Videos that will help boost your love life. Rocket your business success. Improve your wealth. Turbo-charge your social circle.

I’ve called this collection “The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection.”

Five powerful videos, each designed to enhance the most significant parts of your life.

And now, for the first time ever, I’ve made the videos available – TO YOU.

All you have to do is sit back and watch.

Changing your life literally DOES NOT get any easier than this!


“Subliminal messaging has great, life-changing potential. Just watch these videos to reprogram your subconscious, and change the way you see the world. Gain more confidence, become wealthier, boost your business, and more!”

- Karl Moore, best-selling author

Take a SNEAK PREVIEW At These Subliminal Videos!
Gain Super Confidence, Attract CASH, Be More Social -
And Much, Much More, Just By Watching These Videos!

Would YOU like a sneak preview of my SECRET subliminal videos?

Each of my subliminal videos lasts around five minutes, combining fantastic high-resolution imagery alongside beautifully orchestrated music.

At the center of every video, you’ll find a slow pulsating yellow sun, helping you to focus and gently helping you to relax.

And all the time, MILLIONS of subliminal messages are busily flashing around the screen – each at 1/100th of a second - helping to make positive, deep, long-lasting change in YOUR life!

These are the MOST POWERFUL subliminal videos in the WORLD – and can help influence both your mind and body, in just days!

Have a look at the following nine screenshots from one of our videos. Look at the high-quality, vivid nature of each image - and the powerful symbolism incorporated into each. They look amazing!

(To view a low-res video preview, click here: Windows or Mac.)

Inside The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection, you’ll find FIVE POWERFUL videos covering critical areas of life. Each will POSITIVELY impact your life – from the first day you view them.

Want to learn more?

The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection includes the following five titles...

Become Super-Wealthy & Attract Money!

Enjoy Amazing Self-Confidence!

Begin enjoying the ultimate in self-confidence, 24 hours a day!

Feel FANTASTIC and self-assured – in absolutely every situation. Walk into a party and instantly connect with the group. Never feel scared again. Become self-empowered, and enjoy the ultimate character traits of the world’s most successful individuals.

Just watch this simple subliminal video – and you’ll be experience awesome self-confidence, in absolute record time!

Enjoy Amazing Self-Confidence!

Become Super-Wealthy & Attract Money!

Enjoy as much cash as you’d like, with this powerful subliminal video!

You’ll never have to worry about finances every again. Start to attract as much money into your life as you’d like. Enjoy being truly financially free – relax more, take more holidays, give up your day job, and begin to ENJOY your life!

Simply hit the “Play” button on this subliminal video – and attract more wealth than you can handle!

Win Friends & Boost Your Social Circle!

Win Friends & Boost Your Social Circle!

Attract fantastic friendships – and become the socialite of your town!

Begin enjoying a brand new group of loyal, caring friends. Become the approachable, entertaining friend that EVERYBODY wants to be around. You’ll naturally become more popular, charismatic, and respected. Your social circle will grow ten-fold!

All you need to do it watch this subliminal video – and sit back as your friendships rocket!

Attract Love & Your Soul Mate!

Attract Love & Your Soul Mate!

Experience the ultimate in love – by attracting your soul mate!

Start to enjoy that fantastic feeling of being in love once again. Begin to feel more open to new experiences, and more loving toward the whole world. Feel sexy, confident, happy and free – while attracting the perfect partner for you right now.

And all you have to do is relax as you watch this subliminal video – and attract more love into your life!

Rocket Your Business Success!

Rocket Your Business Success!

Achieve fantastic success in your business and career, starting TODAY!

Make the right decisions at the right time. Boost your income. Connect with the perfect people for you. Achieve your goals. Become a better leader. Rocket your career. Become the ultimate entrepreneur.

Just sit back and relax while watching this subliminal video – and watch your business skills explode toward new heights!


Play these fantastic, high-resolution files direct on any PC, Mac, or iPod!

Would YOU like to enjoy positive and lasting change in your life – just by watching these simple subliminal videos?

Then read on.


“I've enjoyed playing with a lot of self-development tools, and this is one of the best. I tried the Attract Love session, and I found myself asked out on a date within 24 hours. Now that's a result!”

- Jennifer Lansbury, UK dream analyst

These Subliminal Videos REPROGRAM Your Inner Mind.
They Cost Over $48,000 to Develop - And Now YOU Can Experience Their Amazing Power, for Just a FEW DOLLARS!

So, would YOU like to discover the POWER of SUBLIMINAL VIDEOS?

These powerful videos are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

They work like a laser on your deepest subconscious thoughts and desires. They will restructure your mind and body in the most powerful, most positive way possible.

They’ll CHANGE your LIFE – in just days.

That’s right. Simply watch each of the videos at least once a day for at least a week, and see the difference they make. You’ll be amazed.


And now for the very first time EVER, they’re available... to YOU.

So, how much will it cost to receive The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection –?

This entire collection cost over $48,000 to produce, with a team of six individuals working full time over the past two years.

We’ve utilized some of the most cutting-edge technology in producing these videos – and they’re now available to you at a FRACTION of the cost.

If you decide to try out The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection today – you won’t pay $48,000. Or even $1,000. You won’t pay $500, or even $250.

Instead, you get to tap into my 25 years of experience, two whole years of work, and over $48,000 in costs – for a MERE $197.

OFFER: Purchase your copy TODAY for JUST $97!
We’ve NEVER offered The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection at such a low price. In fact, there’s literally NEVER been a better time to grab your copy!

Just to recap – you’ll receive the ENTIRE collection – for just $97.

The entire collection is provided to you – and you’ll receive 100% FREE lifetime support thrown into the package.

Doesn’t that sound like a deal you’d be interested in?

Click HERE to Own Your Subliminal Video Collection!

Cost $97.
Access details to The The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection
are delivered via email immediately after purchase.


“My luck has quadrupled since starting these videos. I've just become a magnet for success. The pieces are fitting together, and I really feel like it is just working. Thank you so much for this tool.”

- Joyce Chandler, MN 55105, joyt*****

PLUS: Discover Subliminal Videos for Yourself TODAY...
And I'll Give You FIFTEEN Bonus Subliminal Videos to
Change Almost ANY Area Of Your Life, in Just DAYS!

Subliminal Videos have the PROVEN ABILITY to change your life – quickly.

And with The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection, you’ll be getting your hands on the greatest, most powerful subliminal recordings created by anyone so far.

But I don’t want to stop there.

I want you to enjoy the BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE with Subliminal Videos.

Which is why I’ve created a further FIFTEEN one-minute subliminal videos, each containing MILLIONS of subliminal messages - all mixed with fantastic themed imagery and individual orchestral music tracks.

And they’re ALL YOURS, absolutely FREE of charge – when you decide to try out The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection.

That means in addition to the five main videos, you’ll also receive these exciting subliminal videos:

Be HAPPY, 24/7

Be HAPPY, 24/7-

Happiness is our ultimate goal. And with this powerful video, you’ll enjoy being on a permanent, all-natural life high! You’ll feel fantastic, no matter what life throws at you. Enjoy more!
Achieve RADIANT Health

Achieve RADIANT Health -

Become super healthy! Let your subconscious mind influence your body, so you can enjoy wonderful health and immunity from disease. Feel GREAT in your healthy body and get on with life!
100% Self-BELIEF!

100% Self-BELIEF!

Feel self-assured in every situation! Learn to believe in yourself, your talents, and your opinions. Enjoy greater self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. Watch your luck change, as you start to BELIEVE in yourself!
Develop Super-Star CHARISMA!

Develop Super-Star CHARISMA! –

Be the life and soul of every party! Become the ‘People Person’ that everyone is magnetically drawn toward. Ooze charm, wit, personality and SUCCESS – with your own unique brand of charisma.
Enjoy Magical INTUITION

Enjoy Magical INTUITION –

Discover your inner SIXTH SENSE! Learn to trust your gut instincts, and get a real “feeling” for the truth. Make the right choices over and over again, when you begin to rediscover your own true intuition!
Enjoy GENIUS IQ Levels

Enjoy GENIUS IQ Levels –

Enjoy having a super-fast, wonderfully intelligent mind! Let your brain amaze you with it’s capabilities. Become quick-witted. A walking calculator. A talking dictionary. Watch your IQ rocket, GENIUS-STYLE!
Become Super-CREATIVE!

Become Super-CREATIVE! -

Be amazed as your creativity levels shoot through the ROOF! Come up with creative solutions to even the most complex of problems. Enjoy inspiration-on-demand, and an awesome imagination. Boast 100% creativity!


Learn to confidently say what’s on your mind! Stop saying “Yes” when you mean “No” – and “No” when you mean “Yes.” STAND UP up for what you believe, trust your decisions, and become more self-empowered!


Uncover your TRUE PATH in life! Find out your real calling – and have the confidence and conviction to follow it through. Become more motivated and find true meaning in everything you do!
Look Absolutely AMAZING

Look Absolutely AMAZING –

Turn heads and look FANTASTIC! Use the power of subliminals to change your physical body, helping you enjoy perfect skin, bright eyes, brilliant hair, wonderful features... stylish, slender and sexy!
Lose Weight FAST!

Lose Weight FAST! –

Watch the pounds simply FALL OFF! Begin the short journey to enjoying a perfect body, at your ideal weight. Feel great as your figure improves and you become more toned. Look fantastic – quickly!
Reverse Ageing NOW!

Reverse Ageing NOW! –

Stop ageing and start to look YOUNGER again! Enjoy beautiful, porcelain skin, and a fantastic outlook on life – feel younger, more vibrant, and youthful again. Become 25 once more – today!


Get yourself into GREAT shape, with minimum effort! Let your subconscious mind help shape your body for you – toning your muscles, increasing energy levels, improving your athleticism. Be fit today!
LIVE Your Life Dream!

LIVE Your Life Dream! -

Start living the life you always dreamed of! Begin to visualize your true life dream, and take the steps toward making it a reality. Move closer to your ideal, successful life – and achieve your goals, NOW!
Work Smarter!

Work Smarter! -

Don’t work harder! Work smarter, get more done, and be more successful! Become super-efficient, manage your time better, find smart automated solutions, learn quicker, become more organized & more!

Are YOU ready to discover this fantastic collection of amazing subliminal videos?

Well – the deal doesn’t stop there. It just gets better and better.

Click HERE to Own Your Subliminal Video Collection!

Cost $97.
Access details to The The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection
are delivered via email immediately after purchase.


“This isn't a question but feedback! I want to pass on my thanks to Bradley Thompson for his work with the subliminal videos. I've used them every day for the past week and noticed a big difference already. My concentration alone has gone through the roof!”

- Barbara Moberg, AZ 85034, moffat******

PLUS: Order YOUR Copy TODAY, And You'll Also Receive
Our FREE User Guide, FREE Affirmation Lists, FREE Support, And Much, Much More!

So, are YOU ready to discover the power of Subliminal Videos?

Well, in addition to fifteen bonus subliminal videos, I’d also like to give you a whole selection of bonuses just to say “THANK YOU!” and help really enhance your experience.

If you order The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection before midnight on - I’ll also throw in the following bonus goodies:

FREE Subliminal Video User Guide

FREE Subliminal Video User Guide

Discover the history behind subliminal messaging, how subliminal videos actually work, and how to use each of the subliminal video titles. Read my personal guide to getting started!
FREE Download Version of “Enjoy Amazing Self-Confidence!”

FREE Download Version of “Enjoy Amazing Self-Confidence!”

Yes, we’ll ship the entire video series direct to you. But we’ll also make the Confidence title available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD, so you can get started with your subliminal video right away!
FREE Affirmations List for EVERY Video

FREE Affirmations List for EVERY Video

I believe in transparency. That's why I fully disclose the affirmations used in every single video. Check the affirmations, make sure they suit you – and keep them for your reference. Only the most professional of subliminal experts unleash their affirmation scripts for public scrutiny!
FREE 24/7 Lifetime Support

FREE 24/7 Lifetime Support

Whether you need help playing a video, or have a question about how the subconscious works, our team is available around the clock to assist. Just get in touch using the details we send you, and we’ll be sure to help you out!

Not only that, but as part of our special promotion, we’re also including the following in with your order, absolutely FREE:


Ready to get started? Just click on this button NOW to own your copy of The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection:

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Cost $97.
Access details to The The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection
are delivered via email immediately after purchase.


“The human mind is the most powerful organ we possess. With these subliminal videos, we're able to rewrite it's programming - and become more effective human beings. These are powerful, and I'd recommend them to anyone.”

- Michael Masterman, mind expert & author

BONUS: Receive Our FREE Subliminal Video Screensaver!
Auto-Program Your Mind, While Your Computer is Idle!

PLUS – Here’s another very special gift, just for YOU!

As a special thanks to anyone that places an order today - we’ll send you a FREE Subliminal Video screensaver!

That’s right.

We’ll send you special software that will play ANY of our Subliminal Videos on either your PC or Mac – whenever your screensaver kicks in.

That means you don’t even have to “think” about making time out to watch your video each day. Simply kick back, make yourself a cup of coffee, and watch your screen.

We’ll send you ALL the software you need – absolutely FREE of charge – when you order TODAY.

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Cost $97.
Access details to The The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection
are delivered via email immediately after purchase.


“I feel happier, more grounded, and feel much more productive. My brain also seems sharper. I'm sure this is down to your videos. Thank you!!”

- Kevin Lauber, CA 95605, kla****

Try The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection RISK-FREE!
With Our 100% "Wow-Love-It!" 3-Month GUARANTEE!

Would YOU like to discover The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection – absolutely RISK-FREE?

I know that after just a few of days of using these videos, you’ll become a BIG FAN. I know that you’ll be using these videos to help change virtually every aspect of your life.

I know that you’ll RAVE about these fantastic Subliminal Videos to your friends – or maybe you’ll just keep them as your own little secret.

The best part, however, is that you don’t have to risk a PENNY trying them out!

That’s right.

I want you to take the ENTIRE COLLECTION and try it out RISK-FREE for an entire 90 days. Take the full package “on approval”!

If you aren’t 100% THRILLED with it for whatever reason, just return it after that time (and in under six months) for a FULL REFUND, minus our original S&H costs.

And the offer is backed up by the Self Development Network, too, so you can be assured that your money is completely safe.

There are NO questions asked. NO small print. And NO complicated forms to fill out.

If you aren’t happy, just return it – and get a refund.

Simple as that.

Just click on this button to discover how these POWERFUL Subliminal Videos can really change YOUR life:

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Cost $97.
Access details to The The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection
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“Please pass this message on to your manager. I love these subliminal videos! I watch for just a few minutes each day, and I instantly feel more refreshed. Excellent decision to discover these!”

- Keith Guertin, NJ 07649, hands*****

Let's Review EXACTLY What You'll Get When You Order!
20 FULL Subliminal Videos, User Guide, Affirmation Lists,
Screensaver, Support, Guarantee AND MORE!!

This is YOUR time to discover The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection.

Whether you want to turbo-charge your love life... Become super-wealthy... Enjoy fantastic, radiant health... Improve your IQ by a dozen points... Develop your powerful intuition... Reverse the signs of ageing... Become wonderfully charismatic...

Whatever you want to do, there’s a Subliminal Video for you.

And with TWENTY staggering titles, you’ve got a FANTASTIC range to pick from.

Remember, these are the world’s MOST POWERFUL Subliminal Videos – and they’ll play on your PC, Mac, iPod, and even on DVD players.

The videos are distributed in high-resolution, which play EVERYWHERE.

Just watch the Subliminal Video(s) of your choice once a day for at least a week – and watch the change happen in your life automatically.

It’s MORE POWERFUL than anything you’ve experienced before.

Ready to try it out for yourself?

Let’s quickly review what you’ll get when you purchase TODAY:


The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection -

Discover the five main Subliminal Videos in the collection. Each lasts several minutes in length, and combines subliminal messages with fantastic imagery and music. The videos cover your love-life, business success, friendships, confidence and wealth!

FIFTEEN Bonus Subliminal Videos –

15 fantastic one-minute subliminal videos, covering happiness, radiant health, self-belief, charisma, being assertive, developing intuition, finding your life purpose, boosting intelligence, creativity, living your dream, looking amazing, reverse ageing, becoming super-fit, and working smarter!

FREE Subliminal Video User Guide –

From the history of subliminal messages right through to how to use the Subliminal Videos for maximum success!

FREE Subliminal Videos SCREENSAVER –

We’ll give you the software you need to play these Subliminal Videos on your PC or Mac. It’s EASY!

FREE Download Version of “Confidence!” –

We’ll send you a download link for the “Enjoy Amazing Self-Confidence” Subliminal Video, so you can get started right away!

FREE Affirmations List for EVERY Video –

You’ll receive a copy of the hundreds of affirmations that go into making every single one of the Subliminal Videos in this collection.

FREE 24/7 Lifetime Support –

Whenever you need assistance, we'll be here to help you out. When you purchase, we'll send you details on how to receive priority support.

100% RISK-FREE Money-Back Guarantee! –

Try out everything for a whole 90 days. If you're not completely THRILLED with the results, just let us know and we'll issue a refund (minus our original S&H).

So – Are YOU ready to place your order for this BUMPER PACKAGE?

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Cost $97.
Access details to The The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection
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“I've been a big believer in subliminal messages for a long time, but these are the best. I watch these videos every day for a real boost. I'm surprised at how powerful they seem. Please, release more!”

- R.M.Williams, Cardiff, tamzend****


Subliminal messages are magical.

They provide a method of quickly changing your thoughts and desires on the deepest possible level.

They can help you boost your confidence, sculpt your body, and become fantastically wealthy.

They’re used by gurus such as Anthony Robbins, Tiger Woods and Derren Brown.

They’ve been scientifically proven to work, over and over again.

And the MOST EFFECTIVE subliminal messages are those delivered direct to the subconscious mind...

... Through VIDEO.

Now is YOUR CHANCE to discover the power of subliminals for yourself, by owning the MOST POWERFUL collection of Subliminal Videos EVER MADE.

Over 25 years of experience poured into the videos, two years of production time, and over $48,000 in development costs.

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There’s never been a better time to order.

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Cost $97.
The Ultimate Access details to The The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection
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Thanks for visiting my site today.

Best wishes,

Bradley Thompson
Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author
Creator of &
Part of the Self Development Network

PS. You can ONLY buy the Subliminal Videos package at THIS site! That’s right. Access details for The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection will be delivered via email immediately after purchase. not for sale in stores, on eBay or elsewhere online. You can ONLY grab your copy from this site. So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to order YOUR copy!

PPS. Imagine a video MORE POWERFUL than anything you’ve seen so far. Forget how life-changing “The Secret” was, or how powerful you found “What the Bleep.” This is the REAL DEAL. Subliminal Videos WILL change your life. I guarantee it. Click HERE to try it out for yourself!

PPPS. Take the ENTIRE Subliminal Video collection on approval! Try it out, absolutely RISK-FREE for a whole 90 days. If you aren’t jumping with JOY after a few months, just send it back – and I’ll refund every penny you paid. NO questions asked! Click HERE to take advantage – NOW!

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